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Who Are We?

EATIONWEAR is a sustainable custom clothing manufacturer headquartered in China, adhering to a number of international standard certificates, including ISO 9001, BSCI-B. We focus on providing high-quality clothing and fabrics. Whether you need OEM or ODM, we can meet your needs. We serve clothing brands, online celebrity retailers and designers, and are committed to promoting the sustainable development of the industry while providing excellent manufacturing services.

EATIONWEAR is committed to sustainability, high-quality manufacturing, and customized services. We pay attention to environmental protection, use renewable and environmentally friendly materials, comply with sustainable manufacturing standards, and have the latest production equipment and a professional team. EATION will be your trusted manufacturing partner, committed to ensuring your products stand out in the market.

Custom Fabric

Custom Fabric 

provide high-quality stretch fabrics like polyester, spandex, and nylon for comfortable and free-flowing movement, with moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry during practice.

Custom Design

Custom Design

We can customize the same style according to the clothes pictures or design drawings you provide

Custom Sewing

Custom Sewing

For example, use four needles and six threads to make the sportswear stitches stronger

Custom Logo

We can add your logo to clothes and labels, tags, and packaging.

Custom Colors 

Choose your favorite color on the color card, or customize the color according to the Pantone color card

Custom Sizes

Offer various sizes and grading options to ensure a perfect fit for different body shapes and needs.

Other Requirements: If you have other special requirements, please communicate these needs with us.

Customized women sportswear Types

If you want us to make a certain type for you and it's not on the list, no problem. We have a team of highly skilled pattern makers who can work on your technical packages or garment samples.
Sports bra

Sports bra

Sports leggings

Sports leggings

Sports T-shirt

Sports shirt

Sports Tank Tops

Sports Tank Tops

Sports Jacket

Sports Jacket

Tennis skirt

Tennis skirt

Eationwear Sportswear Factory

Best Manufacturer 

Strong Production Capacity

Eationwear Use the most advanced intelligent clothing hanging system to improve production capacity and product quality

  • We have production bases in Guangdong and Guangxi. It can meet customers' demand for large quantities and low prices
  • With a total area of 20,000 square meters, the factory can accommodate 30 production lines to meet a large number of orders
  • With 500 skilled workers, a large number of skilled workers can achieve a more detailed division of labor and improve production efficiency.
  • With a monthly production capacity of 400,000 pieces, it provides a stable supply of high-volume, high-quality garments, able to meet large orders and rapidly changing market demands

Sustainable Clothing Manufacturing

Manufacturer’s attitude towards employees and the environment

When looking for that perfect piece of yoga wear, ethics and the environment should be your most important considerations. Unfortunately, many brands claim to have certification, but the reality on the ground is completely different. That’s why we firmly believe that being there and witnessing the manufacturing process firsthand is the best way to ensure that our yoga clothes are unapologetically ethical and environmentally friendly.

Factory tour
This is your ultimate test for a supplier. No matter the certification, you can’t get a first-hand feel for what’s really going on there until you step into a factory. We welcome you to our manufacturing facilities because we know you can only see them through your own eyes.
Workers spirit
We are proud to display the high morale of our workers because they are our factory's most important asset. Their work environment and attitudes are a reflection of the ethical standards to which we aspire.
Safety standard
Our factory adheres to strict safety standards to ensure everyone can work in a safe environment. Your peace of mind is our responsibility.
Environmental protection
We believe in environmental responsibility. There’s no ambiguity in the way we treat wastewater, waste and chemicals because we know it’s key to protecting our planet.
Health policy
Every piece of yoga clothing we make strictly adheres to our Non-Hazardous Chemicals Policy. We firmly refuse to use harmful substances because we know they pose a potential threat to your health and the environment.

This should be enough for you to make an informed decision about further cooperation with a specific yoga wear manufacturer. If the manufacturer is unwilling to let you visit, you are more than welcome to visit our apparel production facilities.

Visit the Eation factory

What is the production process for Sportswear?

Manufacturing cost of casual yoga clothes: every step is a guarantee of quality.Making a piece of yoga clothing is not only a process, it is a carefully planned project. Each step has its own unique cost and value, and it deserves careful consideration in order to make your yoga clothes perfect.

Raw material production

It all starts with nature. This stage determines our starting point. Here, time, skill and resources are invested to ensure our raw materials are the purest and most sustainable.

Yarn spinning and dyeing

The raw materials need to be spun into yarn and then dyed. This process requires a high degree of skill to ensure consistent quality and color of the yarn.

Fabric knitting/dyeing

Yarns are woven into fabrics or dyed to create unique patterns and colors.

Fabric cutting

The skill and accuracy of the craftsman is crucial when cutting the fabric into the desired shape and size. This ensures the fit and look of your Sportswear


To add personality and style, yoga clothes may be printed or embroidered. This requires specialized skills and equipment to ensure the clarity and durability of the pattern.


At this stage, the individual fabrics are stitched together to form the complete yoga wear. Workers need exquisite sewing skills to ensure that each garment is strong and durable.

Quality control

Every step is accompanied by quality control to ensure the product meets the highest standards. This is a crucial step to ensure that every piece of Sportswear is perfect.


Finally, we carefully package your Sportswear to ensure safe shipping and perfect presentation. This process takes time and materials.


Logistics services enable on-time delivery, real-time cargo tracking and efficient supply chain management, ensuring that customers always know the status of their goods.

Every step is a reflection of careful planning and precise operation, which determines the quality and value of yoga clothes. From raw material sourcing to final delivery, every step is taken to ensure you get the best possible product. Therefore, the cost of manufacturing is not just money, but an investment in quality and craftsmanship.

Advantages of women's sportswear

Tailored for Women

Taking into account the female body structure, we offer a design that closely fits the body shape, including tailored cuts for the chest, waist, and hips, to ensure comfort and freedom of movement during sports activities.

High-Performance Fabrics

We use fabrics specifically designed for sports that offer excellent elasticity, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties, helping female athletes stay dry and comfortable in various sports environments.

Fashion Meets Function

Our designs combine fashion trends with professional sports requirements, offering clothing that meets both aesthetic and practical needs for female athletes.

Personalized Customization

We provide personalized services, including brand logos, unique patterns, custom colors, and size options, as well as special functional designs such as built-in sports bras, reflective strips, etc., to meet the specific needs of different athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cancellation policy for wholesale apparel orders?
    Orders can be canceled within 3 days of payment. However, if the garments have already entered the production phase after the 3-day period, a cancellation charge equivalent to 40% of the order value will be applied.
  • Do you accommodate rush orders for wholesale apparel?
    Yes, we do offer the option for rush orders. Simply specify the need for a rush order when placing your production order. It's crucial to indicate this requirement during the ordering process, as requesting a rush after order submission may be subject to our production schedule limitations. Please note that a rush fee, calculated on a per-day basis, applies to expedite the processing of your order.
  • What is the response time for quotes or other inquiries?
    We are committed to providing prompt service. You can expect a response within 24 hours for quotes or any other inquiries. Our goal is to ensure timely and efficient communication to meet your needs.
We focus on providing customized sportswear for brand customers and provide 7-day fast sample service. We not only have advanced hanging production lines to accurately arrange production schedules, but also have complete laminating technology. Contact us now to help you improve the market competitiveness of your products.
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We focus on providing customized sportswear for brand customers and provide 7-day fast sample service. We not only have advanced hanging production lines to accurately arrange production schedules, but also have complete laminating technology. Contact us now to help you improve the market competitiveness of your products.
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