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Sportswear Fabric Inspection

During the fabric inspection process, we focus on two key fabric inspection standards: ensuring that the fabric color is consistent with the sample, maintaining appearance consistency, and paying attention to weight control to ensure that it does not exceed 10 grams of the sample weight. We have introduced a defect marking system. Each defect is worth one point. If the total score exceeds 5 points, it will be considered a failure. This ensures that fabric quality meets standards, identifies potential problems in advance, and ensures the quality of the final product.

Sportswear Fabric Shrinkage and Washing


Some fabrics tend to leave gaps between their panels when knitted or woven, which can cause the garment to shrink when washed.

To avoid this, we offer our customers the option of pre-shrinking the fabric. Moderate shrinkage of yoga clothing fabrics can improve the fit and appearance of the garment, improve the feel of the garment, while enhancing durability and elasticity, ensuring that the garment retains its shape and performance after prolonged use and multiple washes.

Wash Water

At Eationwear, you also have the option of biowashing your clothes, a process through which you not only increase the softness but also the shine of your clothes. This process is very effective in maintaining and retaining the color of custom garments over a longer period of time. In addition, washing water helps remove residual dyes and chemicals in the fabric, reduce skin irritation, improve color fastness and prevent dye penetration

Production process

We have introduced CNC fabric cutting machines which are equipped with vacuum tables to make all fabric layers closer together with computer operated cutters which have zero error rate when set up correctly. This not only effectively reduces cutting time, but also greatly reduces the error range.For manufacturers of custom yoga clothes, precise tailoring ensures that wholesale yoga clothes are consistent in size and shape, improves the overall quality of the product, and can increase your competitiveness in the market. Secondly, the high efficiency of computer cutting machines improves production efficiency, allowing you to meet market demand faster and respond to order changes more flexibly.

Yoga Wear Craftsmanship

In the production process of yoga clothes, we focus on exquisite craftsmanship to ensure that the products reach the highest level in appearance and quality. Combined with our advanced production technology, including digital printing, offset printing, lamination, etc., the following are some of our processes:

Digital Printing

The printing effect of digital printing is also very high-definition and realistic.

Screen Printing

 It's like a film covering the surface of clothing. The colors of the prints are usually bright and last long.


Use bonded instead of seams to reduce friction between needle thread and skin and improve comfort. The whole garment has no obvious seams and no obvious wrinkles in appearance, making it simple and beautiful. 

An organic combination of craftsmanship ensures the diversity and high quality of our yoga wear

Our manufacturing process is designed to balance design aesthetics, comfort, and durability to meet our customers' needs for high-quality yoga wear. Whether it is clear patterns through digital printing, or through the ingenious combination of offset printing, lamination, cupping, embroidery and other processes, we are committed to providing you with perfect yoga wear products.

Hanging Production System Factory A

This production facility is located in Guangdong, China. With its complete industrial chain, efficient production capacity and superior geographical location, Guangdong has a strong competitiveness in the global market

The factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has a total of 300 workers.

Our Intelligent Hanging System has significantly reduced wait and idle times in production through automated material transfer., This reduces the overall cycle time from production to delivery by 30%


The basic concept of the eation intelligent hanging production line system is to hang the entire piece of clothing on a hanger, and automatically send it to the next process operator according to the pre-entered process sections, greatly reducing handling, binding, and folding. Waiting for non-productive time. When the production employee completes a process, he only needs to press the control button, and the hanging system will automatically transfer the hangers to the next process station.

Sportwear Factory B

  • The factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters with a total of 200 workers.

  • Located in Guangxi, China, its production costs are comparable to those of India, making it an ideal choice for price-sensitive customers.
  • Guangxi has a mature and complete supply chain.
  • Guangxi factories specialize in churning out large quantities of clothing quickly.
  • Support environmental protection policies and actively fulfill social responsibilities.

Sportswear Package

Brand image: Customized packaging bags can be printed with the brand logo, helping to strengthen the brand image and recognition.

Environmentally friendly materials: A variety of materials are available. Packaging bags made of recyclable or biodegradable materials are available, in line with current environmental trends and attract environmentally conscious consumers.

Protection: Customized packaging bags can provide better protection and ensure the safety of clothing during transportation.

Size customization: Packaging bags can be customized according to the specific size of the clothing, providing more fitting packaging solutions

Eation Production Plan for Yoga Wear Manufacturing

Receive production order to purchase fabrics

That day

Fabric arrives

stock fabric:

Inspect fabric


Fabric shrinkage


Cutting fabric


Secondary crafts

(embroidery, printing, heat transfer printing, etc.)




Wash label printing


End of line production



Logistics arrangements, real-time tracking of goods

We focus on providing customized sportswear for brand customers and provide 7-day fast sample service. We not only have advanced hanging production lines to accurately arrange production schedules, but also have complete laminating technology. Contact us now to help you improve the market competitiveness of your products.
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We focus on providing customized sportswear for brand customers and provide 7-day fast sample service. We not only have advanced hanging production lines to accurately arrange production schedules, but also have complete laminating technology. Contact us now to help you improve the market competitiveness of your products.
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