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​In the world of fashion, the beauty of clothing is not only reflected in the design and tailoring, but also in the exquisite and unique craftsmanship. Embroidery, offset printing, digital printing and other process technologies inject unlimited possibilities into clothing, showing outstanding creativity and artistry. Let’s delve into the charm of these crafts and understand their unique contribution to clothing design.


The core of the laminating process is to form hot melt glue into a film shape, ensuring uniform lamination and soft feel. This process not only enables refined operations, but also avoids defects such as glue overflow. Under high temperature and high pressure conditions, the adhesive film penetrates into the fabric and crystallizes upon cooling to form a physical interlocking structure, achieving excellent bonding strength.For the lamination process, ultrasonic and adhesive film lamination methods are mainly used. Compared with liquid glue, adhesive film is not only more environmentally friendly, but also superior in application convenience. At present, the application of glue is mainly limited to large-area fabric lamination, while for designs that require delicate operations, adhesive films have more industrial advantages. Seamless fit of clothing is mainly achieved through adhesive film, which combines bonding strength and design flexibility.
In terms of design, lamination is used instead of sewing, which reduces the friction between the needle thread and the skin and improves comfort. There are no obvious seams on the entire garment, and the appearance is simple and beautiful, with no obvious wrinkles. Compared with traditional sewing, the process has been simplified to a certain extent, and the weight of the entire garment has also been reduced. Through certain structural design, better functionality can be achieved, clothing pressure can be reduced, and the garment can be worn more closely.During the bonding process, key parameters include pressure, time and temperature. Especially when it comes to the fit of elastic fabrics, precise control of the tension of the fabric is required. Therefore, professional fitting equipment is the key to achieving an ideal seamless fit. This advanced technology provides more possibilities for clothing design, not only presenting a simple aesthetic in appearance, but also achieving significant improvements in comfort and functionality.

Silk Screen Printing

As a superb craft of lithography, it injects unique expressiveness and durability into yoga wear designs. By repeatedly brushing starch on pieces of clothing, Silk screen Printing can produce clear and full patterns, giving yoga clothes bright colors and long-lasting durability.​The Silk screen Printing on yoga clothes shows a unique feel, as if the surface of the clothing is covered with a film. This feel is relatively stiff, providing the wearer with a unique tactile experience. The colors of the pattern are often bright and eye-catching, and they are durable, maintaining the beauty of the garment for a long time.The advantage of Silk screen Printing is not only the fullness and durability of colors, but also its suitability for complex patterns and multi-color designs. Its high-density ink ensures better visualization of printed patterns with greater accuracy, maintaining details and vivid colors. This makes Silk screen Printing ideal for designs that require highly accurate printing.​When displayed on yoga clothes, Silk screen Printing not only presents full colors and clear patterns, but its strong durability makes the patterns not easy to fade or wear out after repeated washing and wearing. This durability makes Silk screen Printing an excellent choice for statement and style in yoga wear.

Digital Printing

It is an advanced digital printing technology that directly sprays various special dyes (such as reactive, dispersed, acidic main coatings) through scanning, digital photos, images or computer-processed digital patterns, with the help of special RIP software and printing systems. Print onto fabric or other media. This advanced craftsmanship delivers stunning, realistic high-definition results in yoga wear designs.The production process of digital printing begins with the input of digital patterns. After computer processing and professional RIP software color adjustment, the patterns are accurately printed onto various textile fabrics through an efficient jet printing system. This process not only retains the authenticity and high definition of the pattern, but also gives the yoga clothes greater creative space.Digital printing has significant advantages in yoga clothing design. First of all, its production process is completely digital, which can achieve complex and colorful patterns and details, providing designers with more creative possibilities. Secondly, the printing effect of digital printing is very realistic, with rich and vivid colors, showing high-definition patterns, making yoga clothes more visually eye-catching.In addition, the flexibility of digital printing is also reflected in its adaptability to a variety of fabrics and media, providing greater diversity for yoga wear choices. This advanced and efficient digital printing process not only achieves accurate presentation of patterns, but also injects modern and fashionable design elements into yoga clothes.

Press Cup

The cup production process can be divided into press-cup bra and plug-cup bra, and press-cup bra is the better one. In the production process of compression cup bras, the compression cup materials and fabrics are shaped under high temperature and high pressure to form an integrated cup. The outside of this cup is covered with a layer of yarn that is heat-pressed and shaped. The cup shape is pressed on the fabric without sewing, so the cup has a smooth and round appearance.The design of the compression cup bra avoids splicing, and the entire cup is formed in one piece without division. This production method makes the shape of the cup more refined, and at the same time avoids the pressure on the cup body caused by the splicing parts. Compared with similar sewn products, compression cup bras have more concentrated and superior support functions while providing excellent comfort.Through the cup production process, the press-cup bra presents a seamless and spliced overall appearance, with a smoother shape and avoids line interference caused by traditional sewing. Pressure cup bras are not only more fashionable in appearance, but also provide a more snug and comfortable wearing experience. The advantages of this process make the cup an underwear product that not only has a beautiful design but is also highly supportive and comfortable.


Embroidery techniques cover a variety of embroidery methods, the most common of which include flat embroidery and applique embroidery.Flat embroidery:Also known as fine embroidery, it is an embroidery technique that uses a variety of different stitches on a flat base material. This embroidery method makes the embroidery surface smooth and meticulous, showing a delicate effect and full of texture. Flat embroidery is suitable for most fabrics and provides a wide range of options for embroidery patterns.Applique: Applique is a form of embroidery in which other fabrics are cut and sewn onto clothing. In this embroidery method, the applique fabric is cut according to the requirements of the pattern and then attached to the embroidery surface. Between the applique cloth and the embroidery surface, padding such as cotton can be added to make the pattern have a raised three-dimensional effect after embroidery. After finishing the patching, the edges are seamed using various stitching methods. Applique is usually used on thicker cotton fabrics such as sweatshirts and sweatpants, adding a unique decorative effect to the clothing.These two embroidery methods have their own characteristics. Flat embroidery shows a smooth and delicate effect, while patch embroidery creates a more three-dimensional and layered embroidery pattern by fitting different fabrics. In embroidery design, choosing different embroidery methods can inject unique artistic elements into clothing to meet the needs of different styles and fabrics.

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We focus on providing customized sportswear for brand customers and provide 7-day fast sample service. We not only have advanced hanging production lines to accurately arrange production schedules, but also have complete laminating technology. Contact us now to help you improve the market competitiveness of your products.
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