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Internet Brand
·Quality Control and Consistency: We ensure stable quality through strict quality control and inspection processes, ensuring that each product meets specified standards to prevent returns, losses, and customer dissatisfaction due to quality issues.

·Intellectual Property and Technology Protection: We are willing to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure the proper protection of your intellectual property, especially concerning new products or innovations.

·Delivery Time and Reliability: With advanced automated production lines, EATION's production efficiency surpasses industry standards, ensuring consistent delivery times even during peak sales periods.

·Supply Chain Risk: Located in the Dongguan Humen area, a hub for garment production and supply chains, we benefit from strategic advantages. We choose reputable, responsible, and sustainable partners, ensuring the resilience of the supply chain.

·Price Competition and Cost Management: We provide optimal solutions, managing costs from raw materials to processing and logistics, helping clients control expenses while ensuring competitive pricing without compromising quality.

·Barriers to Sustainable Development: We support sustainability by offering eco-friendly fabric and production process options to align with your sustainable design principles, meeting modern consumers' demand for environmental responsibility.

·Inventory Pressure: By strictly controlling the production process and ensuring on-time delivery, we alleviate inventory pressure.

·Long-term Collaborative Relationships: We prioritize customer service and cooperation assurance, swiftly responding through a professional merchandising team to establish long-term collaborative relationships.

·Showcasing Customer Feedback: Providing positive feedback and satisfaction evaluations from previous clients to demonstrate our capability in meeting customer needs.

·Brand Collaboration History: Sharing successful cases and stories of collaboration with brands to showcase our partnership history and experience.
Design Team
Unique Fabric and Trim Selection
Located in the Guangdong region, we offer an extensive range of fabric choices, including various readily available fabric color cards and high-quality customized materials such as organic cotton and sustainable materials, meeting your specific requirements for raw materials.
Timely Custom Pattern Making
Understanding that each designer has a unique creative vision, we provide custom pattern making services to ensure that every garment perfectly embodies your design concept. From design sketches to the final product, we maintain close communication with you to ensure that every detail meets your requirements.
Collaboration with Design Expertise
In addition to providing fabrics and production, our design team stays attuned to fashion trends, offering professional fashion consulting services to ensure that your designs are not only innovative but also possess commercial potential.
Exquisite Craftsmanship
With a production team boasting over 20 years of experience, we are committed to ensuring that every finished garment exemplifies outstanding quality. From cutting to sewing, from embellishments to intricate designs, we strive for perfection to ensure that your designs stand out.
Sustainable Fashion
Embracing the concept of sustainable fashion, we provide eco-friendly material options and sustainable production processes to support your sustainable design principles while meeting the modern consumer's demand for environmental responsibility.
Flexible Order Quantities
Regardless of the order quantity, we can meet your needs by providing the most flexible order quantities to accommodate your business model and help both you and your customers grow and prosper.
Private Label
Customized Services: We understand that every private label has unique needs and brand positioning. Therefore, we offer customized services to meet your specific design and production requirements. Whether it's fabric selection, design specifications, or packaging details, we can provide personalized support based on your brand image.

Quick Time to Market: Our efficient production processes and superior supply chain management ensure a quick time to market. Your products can swiftly respond to market demands, seize opportunities, and enhance your brand's competitiveness in the market.

Comprehensive Brand Support: In addition to production, we provide comprehensive brand support services. This includes market research, brand positioning advice, sales strategies, and other professional suggestions to help you gain greater influence in the market.

Attentive Customer Service: Our dedicated account management team is always ready to provide attentive customer service. Whether it's order tracking, production progress, or issue resolution, we ensure that your needs are promptly met.

Innovative Collaboration Opportunities: We encourage innovative collaboration to explore new areas and markets together. Through deep cooperation, we collectively seek and implement innovative development opportunities for your brand, ensuring continuous leadership in the market.

Through these various aspects, we are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized support, enabling your private label to stand out in the competitive market and achieve long-term success.
Collaboration Process
Preliminary Communication: Understand your brand requirements and expectations, including discussions on the type, style, and quantity of yoga apparel.

Quality and Design Requirements: Discuss quality standards and design requirements for yoga apparel, closely collaborating with your design team to ensure that product quality, design innovation, and craftsmanship meet specifications.

Sustainable Development: Provide options for eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable production processes to support your sustainability goals.

Price Negotiation: Seek a balance between price and quality to ensure competitive quotes while maintaining product quality.

Delivery Assurance: Provide reliable delivery dates to ensure on-time product delivery, meeting your requirements.

Customer Service and Implementation: Assign a dedicated merchandiser for each customer, establishing long-term relationships and responding promptly to your needs.

Production Capacity: Monthly capacity of 400,000 pieces to meet large-scale order demands.

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We focus on providing customized sportswear for brand customers and provide 7-day fast sample service. We not only have advanced hanging production lines to accurately arrange production schedules, but also have complete laminating technology. Contact us now to help you improve the market competitiveness of your products.
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