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Who Are We?

We have been customizing sportswear since 2014, with 10 years of experience.Our long-term cooperative fabric suppliers have strict quality system certification.The minimum order quantity we offer is 300 pieces per design/color of any size.

We actively focus on environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We use environmentally friendly materials and production methods, and actively participate in social and environmental improvement programs to meet our customers' sustainability concerns.

We constantly pursue innovation in the field of yoga wear and introduce the latest technology and equipment to solve problems to ensure that our products always remain competitive.

Custom yoga clothes What can I offer you?

Eationwear provides custom yoga wear in the following aspects

Fabric selection

provide high-quality stretch fabrics like polyester, spandex, and nylon for comfortable and free-flowing movement, with moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry during practice.

Collar type and Neckline

Customize collar styles like crew neck or V-neck, along with neckline width and drop, fabric, length, and design of the neckband.


Choose between single-needle or double-needle hemming for the desired finish.

Labeling and Printing

Add your brand label with options for fabric, placement, and style. Custom printing or logos can also be included to showcase your brand.

Color and Decoration

Select colors that align with your brand's style and practice environment. Enhance the look with decorative elements like prints, embroidery, or embellishments.

Sizes and Grading

Offer various sizes and grading options to ensure a perfect fit for different body shapes and needs.

Other Requirements: If you have other special requirements please communicate these needs with us.

Custom Yoga Wear Types

If you want to make a certain type for you and it's not on the list, no problem. We have a team of highly skilled pattern makers who can work on your technical packages or garment samples.
Custom Yoga Bras

Custom Yoga Bras

Custom Yoga Leggings

Custom Yoga Leggings

Custom Yoga Sets

Custom Yoga Sets

Custom Sports Tank Tops

Custom Sports Tank Tops

Custom Yoga Shorts

Custom Yoga Shorts

Custom Sports T-Shirts

Custom Sports T-Shirts

What machines do you have for the production of yoga clothes?

We have a lot of industry leading clothing production equipment. Here are some introductions.

Garment hanging production system

This streamlined process features automated equipment and quality control measures to ensure high-quality, efficient production and timely delivery.

Computer Auto-cutting machine

This advanced equipment precisely cuts fabrics, optimizing material usage and enhancing production efficiency and quality.

Four needle and six thread machine

Renowned for its durability and precision, this Japanese sewing machine creates strong, flexible seams essential for high-performance clothing.

Cloth inspecting machine

This equipment swiftly detects textile flaws like stains and holes, maintaining product consistency and reliability.

Needle inspecting machine

Ensures clothing quality by detecting metal foreign bodies, automatically alerting if any are found.

Bartack machine 

It's usually used to reinforce the stitches, to make the stitches stronger.

Other Requirements: If you have other special requirements please communicate these needs with us.

Where is the Best Place to Make Professional Yoga Wear?

You can determine the best place to manufacture your yoga clothes based on the following factors:

Yoga Wear Production Process

Manufacturer location

Dongguan, China, boasts a well-developed supply chain for textiles, fabrics, and clothing accessories, facilitating easy access for manufacturers. The vast manufacturing industry efficiently handles large orders, reducing costs per piece of yoga wear. Chinese manufacturers are flexible, meeting diverse customization needs, and invest in cutting-edge technology for improved efficiency and quality.

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Yoga Wear Production Process

Manufacturer’s attitude towards employees and the environment

When seeking ideal yoga wear, prioritize ethics and environmental impact. Factory certifications may not always reflect true values, making firsthand observation crucial for ensuring ethical and eco-friendly production.

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Factory tour
Visit our manufacturing facilities to witness operations firsthand, ensuring transparency and trust.
Workers spirit
Our workers' high spirits reflect our ethical standards and commitment to a positive work environment.
Safety standard
We adhere to strict safety measures to guarantee a secure workplace for all.
Environmental protection
We prioritize environmental protection, managing wastewater, waste, and chemicals responsibly.
Health policy
Our Non-Hazardous Chemicals Policy ensures that every piece of yoga clothing is safe for both you and the environment.

If you'd like to know more about our factory

Eation factory

What is the production process for yoga wear?

Manufacturing cost of casual yoga clothes: every step is a guarantee of quality.Making a piece of yoga clothing is not only a process, it is a carefully planned project. Each step has its own unique cost and value, and it deserves careful consideration in order to make your yoga clothes perfect.

Raw material production

We start with ensuring the purity and sustainability of our raw materials, investing time and resources in this crucial stage.

Yarn spinning and dyeing

Raw materials are spun into yarn and dyed with precision to maintain consistent quality and color.

Fabric knitting/dyeing

Yarns are woven into fabrics or dyed to create unique patterns and colors.

Fabric cutting

Skilled craftsmen accurately cut the fabric to the desired shape and size, ensuring the perfect fit and appearance of your yoga wear.


To add personality and style, yoga clothes may undergo printing or embroidery, requiring specialized skills and equipment for clarity and durability.


Individual fabrics are stitched together by experienced workers to form complete yoga wear, ensuring strength and durability.

Quality control

Each step undergoes rigorous quality control to meet the highest standards, ensuring perfection in every piece of yoga wear.


Careful packaging is done to ensure safe shipping and perfect presentation, using quality materials.


Logistics services enable on-time delivery and efficient supply chain management, providing real-time cargo tracking for customer convenience.

Every step reflects meticulous planning and precise execution, ensuring the quality and value of our yoga wear. From raw material sourcing to final delivery, we prioritize quality and craftsmanship, considering manufacturing costs as an investment in excellence.

The Advantage of Eationwear

At Eationwear, we offer support for intense yoga practice through our specialized materials, design, and manufacturing processes.

Superior Moisture-Wicking Performance

yoga wear typically employs advanced moisture-wicking technologies and materials, ensuring effective removal of sweat during yoga practice to keep the body dry.

Four-Way Stretch Design

To accommodate the diverse poses and movements in yoga, professional yoga wear often features excellent four-way stretch capabilities, offering good flexibility for smooth yoga practice.

Ergonomic Tailoring

These garments commonly utilize ergonomic tailoring, conforming to the body's curves, reducing unnecessary resistance, enhancing comfort during movement, and ensuring the fluidity of yoga poses.

Use of Eco-Friendly Materials

In alignment with the contemporary focus on environmental concerns, many professional yoga wear brands opt for eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester fibers, etc., to minimize their ecological footprint.

Precision in Stitching Craftsmanship

Professional yoga wear undergoes meticulous stitching, avoiding the use of rough threads and abrupt seams to minimize skin friction, ensuring comfort during the practice.


Subjected to rigorous durability tests, professional yoga wear guarantees sustained high quality and performance even after prolonged use and frequent washing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cancellation policy for wholesale apparel orders?
    Orders can be canceled within 3 days of payment. However, if the garments have already entered the production phase after the 3-day period, a cancellation charge equivalent to 40% of the order value will be applied.
  • Do you accommodate rush orders for wholesale apparel?
    Yes, we do offer the option for rush orders. Simply specify the need for a rush order when placing your production order. It's crucial to indicate this requirement during the ordering process, as requesting a rush after order submission may be subject to our production schedule limitations. Please note that a rush fee, calculated on a per-day basis, applies to expedite the processing of your order.
  • What is the response time for quotes or other inquiries?
    We are committed to providing prompt service. You can expect a response within 24 hours for quotes or any other inquiries. Our goal is to ensure timely and efficient communication to meet your needs.
We focus on providing customized sportswear for brand customers and provide 7-day fast sample service. We not only have advanced hanging production lines to accurately arrange production schedules, but also have complete laminating technology. Contact us now to help you improve the market competitiveness of your products.
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We focus on providing customized sportswear for brand customers and provide 7-day fast sample service. We not only have advanced hanging production lines to accurately arrange production schedules, but also have complete laminating technology. Contact us now to help you improve the market competitiveness of your products.
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