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Logistics methods
·International shipping
·International air transportation
·International express delivery
How to choose the appropriate logistics methods
International shipping: low prices and huge shipping volume, suitable for transporting bulky and low-value goods. For situations where large quantities of goods need to be transported, sea freight is the best option.
International air freight: The transportation time is shorter. For those goods that need to arrive quickly and are not too price sensitive, air freight is a more suitable choice. In emergencies, air transport is also the most reliable way.
International Express: Convenient and efficient logistics services. Express is the best choice for goods that are small in quantity, need to arrive quickly, and are not too price sensitive.
Based on the respective advantages of the above three logistics methods, we make the following suggestions:
·Samples include sales version, bow plate, pre-production version, etc. If they need to be sent out for confirmation in a short time, choose DHL, UPS, FEDEX, and the delivery time is 3-5 working days.
·If you need to receive urgent orders for sale as soon as possible and the order quantity is less than 100 boxes, choose air transportation, and the time limit is within 10 working days.
·If the order quantity is more than 100 boxes, try to choose sea shipping. If time permits, the delivery time will be within 25 working days.
Shipping cost
  The main factors that affect shipping costs are timeliness, volume and weight of the goods. Heavier or larger shipments may require additional handling and handling during transportation, which will increase the cost accordingly.
  Therefore, based on the quotations of major logistics carriers with whom we have long-term cooperation, we will choose the solution with the most advantageous timeliness and price for customers to choose, such as: American dedicated line, European dedicated line, Australian dedicated line and other special dedicated logistics lines. The final plan is decided by the customer, and the freight is subject to real-time quotations from major logistics carriers. All estimated prices before placing an order are for reference only.
  At the same time, we also accept customers to choose their own logistics partners. In the early stage of shipment, each customer is asked to contact his own logistics company to connect with us one week before shipment. We will try our best to cooperate with the logistics company's requirements and provide any needed services. information to ensure delivery work is completed on time and efficiently.
Packaging measures to avoid damage and loss of goods during transportation
All outer packaging cartons are made of 3-layer corrugated paper and will not be damaged even if they are filled with clothing and dropped from a height of 3m.
Package Mode
Detailed box marking information and product description, such as box number, weight, style number, etc.
Package Mode
Each carton is covered with a waterproof bag to ensure the interior is dry.
Package Mode
Our wishes
We hope that the turtle is no longer entangled in the fishing net. She is just showing kindness to us, not asking for help. We want our walks to be shaded by trees, not filled with yellow sand.
*We use biodegradable express bags as much as possible to transport goods, and use cartons made of recycled paper to package goods.

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