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How to custom bonded sportswear clothes ?

How to custom bonded sportswear clothes ?

Jun 27,2024
The basic principles of bonding technology
Bonding technology, also known as thermal bonding or hot pressure bonding, is a process that uses heat and pressure to bind different materials together. In the field of sportswear manufacturing, this technology is highly regarded for its ability to create seamless, comfortable and durable products.
- Thermal action: During the bonding process, heat softens or melts the adhesive, thereby enhancing its adhesion to the fabric.
- Pressure application: Pressure is applied at the same time as the heat action to ensure that the adhesive is evenly distributed between the fabrics, forming a stable bond.
- Cooling curing: After bonding, the material solidifies during the cooling process, forming a lasting bonding effect.
Types and characteristics of adhesives

Adhesive is the core component of bonding technology, its variety, different characteristics, directly affect the effect of bonding and product performance.
- Hot melt adhesive: suitable for fast bonding, fast curing after cooling, suitable for a variety of fabrics.
- Solvent-based adhesives: Reduce viscosity through solvents, providing a strong bond, but may have an environmental impact.
Water-based adhesives: Environmentally friendly adhesives, water as a solvent, long drying time, but environmentally friendly.
- Reactive adhesive: Cured by chemical reaction, providing excellent durability and bonding strength.
- Pressure sensitive adhesive: with a certain initial viscosity, suitable for lightweight bonding and easy manual operation.
Environmental benefits of the bonding process
With the increase of environmental awareness, the bonding process is gaining attention due to its environmental advantages in the production process.
- Reduced waste: The bonding process reduces fabric waste in the cutting process compared to traditional sewing.
- Lower energy consumption: The bonding process is generally more energy efficient than the sewing process because it reduces mechanical handling and material handling.
- Environmentally friendly materials: The use of water-based and reactive adhesives reduces emissions of harmful chemicals.
- Recyclability: Certain adhesives and fabrics can be recycled, reducing the burden on the environment.

The advantages of custom bonded sportswear

Seamless design for comfort

In the world of sportswear, comfort is one of the key indicators of a product's success. With its seamless design, bonded sportswear provides the wearer with an unparalleled experience of comfort.
- Seamless fit: The seamless design eliminates the friction and irritation that traditional stitches may bring, making movement more comfortable.
- Reduce pressure: Adhesive technology ensures smooth contact between sportswear and skin, reducing pressure during exercise.
- Adaptability: The adhesive sportswear is able to stretch with the movement of the body, providing better adaptability and flexibility.

Customization options for functional fabrics

Another significant advantage of custom bonded sportswear is the variety of functional fabrics available. These fabrics not only provide the basic covering function, but also have the characteristics to meet the specific needs of sports.
- Moisture wicking: Custom fabrics can quickly absorb moisture on the skin surface and accelerate evaporation, keeping the body dry.
- Breathability: The breathability of the fabric helps to regulate body temperature and ensure comfort during exercise.
- Durability: The fabric of the bonded sportswear is specially treated to improve wear resistance and durability, extending the service life.

Precise fit for custom sizes

The precise measurement and customization of custom bonded sportswear ensures that each product fits the wearer's body perfectly.
- Personalized measurement: With precise measurements, custom bonded sportswear can be personalized to the wearer's body type.
- Shape adjustment: The designer can adjust the shape according to the measurement results to ensure that every part of the sportswear provides the best support and comfort.
- Attention to detail: Even the tiniest size differences are taken into account to ensure the perfect fit of the sportswear.
Custom bonded sportswear offers the wearer a whole new sporting experience with its seamless design, functional fabrics and precise dimensions. These advantages not only enhance athletic performance, but also enhance the wearer's confidence and comfort. With the growth of consumer demand for personalized and customized products, custom bonded sportswear will undoubtedly become the new darling of the sports equipment market.
Application of bonding process
Virtuosity: The use of bonding techniques in custom bonded sportswear
Bonding technology is the core technology in the production process of custom bonded sportswear, which directly affects the quality and performance of the product. This paper will discuss the selection and application of adhesives, the control of temperature, pressure and time, and the quality monitoring of the bonding process.
Selection and application of adhesives
Adhesive is the key material to achieve seamless bonding between fabrics.
- Adhesive type: Depending on fabric characteristics and product requirements, select the appropriate adhesive type, such as hot melt adhesive, solvent-based adhesive or water-based adhesive.
- Application technology: The use of precise equipment and technology to ensure that the adhesive is evenly distributed on the fabric, avoiding excess or insufficient.
- Environmental considerations: Choose an environmentally friendly adhesive to reduce the environmental impact of the production process.
Control of temperature, pressure and time

Three key parameters in the bonding process - temperature, pressure and time - require precise control to ensure optimal bonding results.
- Temperature control: According to the characteristics of different adhesives, set the appropriate temperature to ensure that the adhesive can be fully melted and combined with the fabric.
- Pressure application: Apply uniform and moderate pressure to make the adhesive better penetrate the fabric fiber and form a strong bond.
- Time control: precisely control the time of hot pressing to ensure that the adhesive has enough time to cure and form a stable bonding effect.
Quality control of the bonding process

- Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring is carried out during the bonding process to ensure that all parameters comply with production standards.
- Spot inspection test: Regular spot inspection of bonded products to test their adhesion strength and durability.
- Feedback mechanism: Establish a rapid feedback mechanism, once the problem is found, immediately adjust the process parameters or operating procedures.
The application of bonding technology in custom bonded sportswear is a technology that combines science and art. Precise adhesive selection, strict parameter control and meticulous quality monitoring ensure that every custom bonded sportswear meets the highest quality standards. With the growing consumer demand for high-quality sports equipment, the exquisite bonding process will be the key for brands to win the market.
Customized process Overview
Needs analysis and consulting

The first step in the customization process is to gain an in-depth understanding of the customer's needs.
- Individual needs: In-depth communication with customers to understand their type of sports, preferred styles, colors and any special requirements.
- Functional requirements: Analyze the specific needs that customers may encounter during sports, such as air permeability, moisture absorption and perspiration, elasticity, etc.
- Size information: Collect detailed body measurements of customers, including bust, waist, hip, etc., to ensure that customized sportswear fits perfectly.
Design and print

On the basis of the requirements analysis, the designer began to design work.
- Creative idea: According to customer needs and market trends, designers conceive the style and details of sportswear.
- Plate-making: Converting the design into the actual pattern, this step requires precise calculations to ensure that the final product is consistent with the design drawing.
- Shape adjustment: During the production process, the shape may need to be adjusted several times to ensure the best wearing effect.
Fabric selection and pretreatment
Choosing the right fabric is the key to custom bonded sportswear.
- Fabric screening: According to the design requirements and functional requirements, select the most suitable fabric.
- Performance test: Performance test of selected fabrics, including tensile strength, wear resistance, color fastness, etc.
- Pre-treatment: The necessary pre-treatment of the fabric, such as cleaning, drying, shaping, to ensure that the fabric is in the best condition before bonding.
The custom bonded sportswear process is a series of detailed and systematic process steps, from requirements analysis to design and printing, to fabric selection and pre-treatment, each step reflects the ultimate pursuit of quality and detail. This process not only ensures the functionality and comfort of the product, but also meets the customer's need for personalization and customization.

Who can custom produce bonded sportswear?
Bonded clothing
Bonded clothing
Bonded clothing
Bonded clothing
If you are looking for custom bonded sportswear, you can contact Eationwear.

In today's world of sports and fashion, Eationwear provides innovative bonded clothing solutions for the global market with its professional bonding factory to meet the needs of different customers for high performance and personalized.

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Eationwear adhesive clothing manufacturing strength

High-tech production facility

Eationwear has two production sites of 20,000 square meters, equipped with fully automatic suspension production systems, to realize the automation and intelligence of the production process.

Professional certification

It has passed a number of international certifications such as BSCI Class B, SGS, Intertek, etc., ensuring that the bonded clothing produced by Eationwear meets international quality and safety standards.

Eight rounds of quality inspection

Intelligent equipment is used to perform quality inspection according to AQL 1.5 standard to ensure that each bonded garment has passed strict quality control.

Highly customized

Eationwear offers highly customised solutions that meet the individual needs of brands, designers and sportswear studios, encouraging innovation and co-creating unique sportswear.

Functional fabric selection

It offers more than 200 environmentally friendly fabric options, including Lycra, PA66, etc., and has OEKO-TEX, bluesign and other certifications to ensure the environmental protection and comfort of fabrics.

With its professional bonding plant and advanced production technology, Eationwear provides customers worldwide with one-stop customized services from design to production. Choosing Eationwear means choosing a partner that can precisely fulfill individual requirements while ensuring the highest quality standards.

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