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Top 10 best hoodie manufacturers factory

Top 10 best hoodie manufacturers factory

May 8,2024
In the fashion industry, selecting a custom hoodie supplier that understands and enhances your brand's identity is crucial. Here's an overview of the top ten outstanding suppliers on the market, known for their exceptional quality, innovative design, and commitment to sustainability. Whether you're after unique designs, competitive pricing, or eco-friendly production, these suppliers are ready to collaborate with you to craft the perfect hoodie that aligns with your brand's vision
 - Company Overview: Eationwear is a leading company in the field of customized clothing, focusing on providing one-stop high-quality hoodie solutions for brands. Their design team has a keen insight into fashion trends and is capable of combining these trends with the personalized needs of the brand, creating hoodies that are both in line with market trends and have a unique brand identity.
   - Production Process: Eationwear's production process strictly adheres to international quality standards, with each step from fabric selection to cutting, sewing, and final product inspection undergoing rigorous quality control. The company utilizes advanced production equipment and technology, combined with exquisite craftsmanship, to ensure that each hoodie meets the highest standards. With a minimum order quantity of 300 pieces, Eationwear is one of the strongest in overall strength among sweatshirt manufacturers.
   - Advantages:
     - Competitive Pricing: Eationwear has two production bases, with the Guangxi base offering factory prices similar to those of Vietnamese and Indian suppliers. The sweatshirts produced come with the quality assurance of Chinese suppliers, ensuring customers receive excellent value without sacrificing quality and service.
     - OEM/ODM Services: Eationwear offers private labeling and OEM services to help customers showcase their brand identity and place the brand at the forefront of the market with personalized sportswear.
     - Sustainability: The company is committed to sustainable development, offering eco-friendly fabric options, including recycled materials and organic fibers, to reduce environmental impact and contribute to a green future.
     - Intelligent Production: Equipped with fully automated hanging production lines, the company effectively manages complex manufacturing demands while maintaining superior quality control standards and production efficiency.
     - Diverse Products: Eationwear offers a variety of custom hoodie styles, including oversized, puff print, zippered, cropped, acid-washed, and sleeveless, to meet the needs of different customers.
Too Fabric
 - Company Overview: Too Fabric is a manufacturer that provides customized hoodies for your brand, emphasizing a fast and straightforward production process, and focusing on the thickness and durability of the fabric, measured by GSM values.
   - Advantages:
     - Offers a wide range of design application methods and color management capabilities.
     - Can help small businesses create design samples based on their requirements.
     - Clear communication and dialogue with manufacturers help ensure product quality meets the high standards needed for success.
     - Sustainability: Ensures that materials used in the production process come from renewable resources, and that employees are treated fairly and paid a reasonable wage.
 - Company Overview: ASBX is a high-end hoodie manufacturer based in Portugal, specializing in exporting and producing high-quality French terry and fleece hoodies, serving over 1500 brands worldwide.
   - Advantages:
     - Owns a highly modern, high-tech factory capable of mass-producing sustainable high-quality hoodies while also meeting the production of high-quality hoodies in small MOQ batches.
     - Obvious advantages in manufacturing hoodies include easier face-to-face inspections of manufacturers, higher company transparency compared to other countries, and faster shipping times.
     - As a sustainable clothing manufacturer in Portugal, ASBX offers the most sustainable fashion products in Europe and is the ultimate supplier for conscious brands that focus on ethical production.

- Company Overview: Arlisman is a leading manufacturer of sports shirts and hoodies in China, with 25 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting. They have a factory area of 7,000 square meters and sufficient production capacity to produce customized hoodies for brands on a large scale, while also supporting small batch production to support fashion companies, small brands, SMEs, and new designers.
   - Advantages:
     - Low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): Starts at 100 pieces per color per design.
     - High-Quality Clothing: All garments are hand-cut, sewn, and finished, going through 15 quality control processes.
     - Material Sourcing: Customized fabric composition and texture according to your requirements, including color and softness treatment.
     - Collaboration Model: Provides fashion design assistance, independent measurement of garment sizes, or adjustment of sizes according to your patterns.
     - Sampling: Produces samples for each order, and begins mass production after sample confirmation.
     - Bulk Production: All products are handmade, with quality checks throughout the entire production process.
Seam Apparel
 - Company Overview: Seam Apparel is a leading manufacturer of custom hoodies, offering customized hoodie manufacturing services. They emphasize that now is the best time to customize hoodies for your business and offer flexible pricing models.
   - Advantages:
     - Provides custom embroidered hoodies, enhancing the personalization and recognition of the apparel brand.
     - Emphasizes customization options to help emerging apparel brands establish a unique identity in their products.
     - Offers a wide range of customization options to meet the different needs of customers.
Thygesen Textile Vietnam
 - Company Overview: Thygesen Textile Vietnam is a professional private label apparel manufacturer providing one-stop service for producing hoodies in various styles and designs. They use innovative designs and advanced textile technology to produce hoodies, focusing on utilizing the latest technology.
   - Advantages:
     - Production Process: Uses nanotechnology to produce basic black, white, navy blue, and gray hoodies with excellent properties.
     - Customer Service: Provides comprehensive customer service to build lasting partnerships.
     - Private Label Hoodies: Accepts orders of various sizes, including small orders for newly developed brands.
     - Eco-Friendly Hoodie Manufacturer: Committed to producing eco-friendly and user-friendly products, constantly updating production technology.
Billoomi Fashion
 - Company Overview: Billoomi Fashion has been a high-quality custom hoodie manufacturer since 2005. They specialize in the manufacturing of private label hoodies and sweatshirts, serving global customers, especially brands from the United States, the United Kingdom, and some European countries.
   - Advantages:
     - Offers small batch order services with a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces per style per color.
     - Has a monthly production capacity of 60,000 pieces.
     - Provides one-stop service, including fabric and accessory procurement, custom label and tag development, cutting, sewing, sampling, production, quality control, finishing and packaging, logistics/transportation, etc.
     - Focuses on quality, cost-effectiveness, business ethics, and sustainability.
Zega Apparel
- Company Overview: Zega Apparel is a custom hoodie manufacturer that offers highly customized and personalized options, serving clothing businesses and startups of various sizes.
   - Advantages:
     - Provides highly customized hoodies based on the customer's concept.
     - Uses high-quality materials, with mass production only after customer approval.
     - Offers a variety of design, color, decoration, size, and fabric options.

Affix Apparel
 - Company Overview: Affix Apparel focuses on design and craftsmanship, creating high-quality custom hoodies and sweatshirts to stand out in the competitive fashion business.
   - Advantages:
     - Quality assurance with strict quality checks.
     - Offers various customization options to meet unique needs.
     - Fast production cycle with an efficient production process.
     - Uses high-quality materials such as cotton, polyester, wool, terry, and French terry.

MGOO Fashion
  - Company Overview: MGOO Fashion is a professional hoodie manufacturer offering one-stop service from design assistance to production.
   - Advantages:
     - Has been in the business of custom hoodies since 2015.
     - Provides design assistance and prepares complete technical packages.
     - Low MOQ, with 80-100 pieces per design and color.
     - Daily progress reports and five quality checks from fabric procurement onwards.
These leading suppliers stand out not only for the quality of their products and professionalism of their services but also for their close collaboration with clients, ensuring that each partnership exceeds expectations. If you're looking for a partner to grow with your brand, now is an excellent time to connect with these top suppliers. Take action now and reach out to them to make custom hoodies an integral part of your brand's story.
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