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Top 10 sportswear manufacturers and factory in China

Top 10 sportswear manufacturers and factory in China

Apr 17,2024
   In the rapidly evolving global apparel industry, the sportswear market stands out for its unique dynamism and potential, attracting worldwide attention and investment. China, one of the world's largest producers and exporters of clothing, is home to numerous outstanding sportswear suppliers who excel in quality, design, innovation, and customer service. This article will highlight the top 10 Chinese sportswear suppliers, companies that have not only propelled the domestic sportswear industry's growth but also provided the global market with high-standard sports wear.
1. Eation Wear
    - Introduction: Eation Wear is a company with a decade of experience in the garment manufacturing sector, specializing in the production of yoga and sportswear. Their factory is equipped with a rare fully automatic hanging production line and an intelligent production system, ensuring efficiency and product quality. With a robust supply chain network in China, Eation Wear can quickly adapt to market changes and customer needs, ranking best in overall capabilities.
   - Advantages:
     - Product Quality Assurance: Certified by ISO 9001 and BSCI, with BSCI achieving the rare B-level certification, leading the industry in ensuring product quality and social responsibility practices meet international excellence standards.
    - Rapid Production: Capable of completing sample production within just 5 days, accelerating the product development cycle.
    - High Approval Rate: An initial sample approval rate of up to 90%, reducing the number of revisions and time costs.
    - Strict Quality Control: Implements eight rounds of quality checks and AQL 1.5 standards to ensure consistent product quality.
    - Copyright Protection: Values design copyrights, signing protection agreements with clients to ensure the uniqueness and security of designs.
    - Sustainable Development: Committed to environmental protection, using sustainable materials and production processes that align with modern consumers' demand for eco-friendly products.

2.  Fitop
   - Introduction: Fitop is a sportswear manufacturer focused on providing services to brands in the sports, leisure, and fitness industries. With a dedicated professional product development team, Fitop offers highly customized sportswear and accessories based on specific brand requirements.
   - Advantages:
     - Customized Solutions: Offers personalized design and production services for brands of all sizes, meeting specific market demands.
     - Professional R&D Team: Consists of industry experts who can design products based on the latest sportswear trends and technological innovations.
3. AIKA Sportswear
   - Introduction: AIKA Sportswear is a Chinese sportswear manufacturer offering comprehensive customization services. They provide personalized solutions for clients, from the initial design concept to the production of finished products.
   - Advantages:
     - Comprehensive Customization: Offers OEM&ODM services, sample production, label customization, fabric production, and more, catering to clients' every need.
     - Diverse Production Techniques: Utilizes various production technologies such as sublimation and screen printing to offer a wide range of product designs and functionalities.
4. SGL Sports
    - Introduction: Located in Dongguan, China, SGL Sports provides a one-stop service that includes design, research and development, and production of high-end sportswear. With a 3,500 square meter factory and over 200 skilled workers, they are capable of meeting large-scale production demands.
   - Advantages:
     - Strong Production Capacity: A monthly production capacity of 150,000 pieces to fulfill bulk order requirements.
     - Quality First: Adheres to the principle of quality above all, ensuring every product meets high standards.

5. Fitocn
   - Introduction: Fitocn, a sportswear manufacturer with over 10 years of experience, specializes in producing high-quality sportswear, yoga wear, and fitness wear. They focus on the development of "naked feel" fabrics, offering a comfortable wearing experience for yoga beginners and outdoor sports enthusiasts.
   - Advantages:
     - Specialized Fabrics: "Naked feel" fabrics are soft, ultra-light, and quick-drying, providing an exceptional wearing experience.
     - High-Quality Products:Pay attention to product quality and detail, ensuring every piece meets high standards.
6. FC Gymwear
   - Detailed Introduction: FC Gymwear is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in custom sportswear and gymnasium clothing. They offer fast production times and small batch orders to meet the market's quick response needs.
   - Advantages:
     - Quick Delivery: Sample production takes about 12 days, and bulk order time is approximately 35 days, quickly responding to market and customer demands.
     - Flexible Order Quantities: A minimum order quantity of 100 pieces per style, suitable for new brands and small-scale orders.
     - Comprehensive After-Sales Service: Provides logistics tracking and quality confirmation to ensure customer satisfaction.
7. Healong
    - Introduction: Established in 2009, Healong is a sportswear manufacturer with 500 employees and a 20,000 square meter production area, located near Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. They produce a diverse range of custom sportswear, including T-shirts, Polo shirts, basketball uniforms, and soccer kits.
   - Advantages:
     - Diverse Products: Offers a variety of sportswear to meet the needs of different sports.
     - Rich Production Methods: Employs various production methods such as sublimation, embroidery, and screen printing, providing a multitude of design and functionality options.
8. Xinfu Activewear
  - Detailed Introduction: Xinfu Activewear has been operating in China since 2009, specializing in the manufacturing and supply of sportswear. The company's core business includes wholesale sportswear, fitness clothing, yogawear, and customized services such as sports bras and yoga leggings.
  - Advantages:
     - Customized Services: Xinfu provides comprehensive customization services, allowing clients to participate in the design process to ensure the final product aligns with their brand identity and market positioning.
     - Quality Assurance: The company employs strict quality control processes, with a professional QC team supervising every step from raw material selection to finished product dispatch, ensuring products meet high standards.
     - Professional Team: Possesses an experienced management team and professional sales team, capable of providing professional customer service and technical support.

9. Modaknits Apparel
   - Introduction: Modaknits Apparel is a professional sportswear manufacturer based in China, focusing on empowering global clothing brands, wholesalers, and private label Amazon sellers. The company offers a flexible minimum order quantity (MOQ) policy, catering to the inventory needs of brands of all sizes. Modaknits designs and produces a variety of sportswear, including running gear, gym and training equipment, yogawear, team sports uniforms, outdoor clothing, and casual sportswear.
   - Advantages:
     - Flexible MOQ: Adapts to the needs of brands of different sizes, supporting both established and startup enterprises.
     - Diverse Products: Provides a wide range of sportswear products to meet the needs of various sports and activities.
     - Design Philosophy: Centers on comfort, considering the preferences of wearers, offering a variety of choices.

10. Ingor Sportswear
  - Introduction: Ingor Sportswear Company, established in 2009, specializes in the manufacture and export of sportswear.
  - Advantages:
    - Global Market Coverage: The company's products are sold worldwide, enjoying extensive market influence and brand recognition.
    - Product Quality Assurance: Certified by ISO 9001 and BSCI, ensuring product quality and social responsibility practices align with international standards.
    - Strong R&D and Production Capabilities: With a professional R&D team and production line, the company can quickly respond to market demands and provide customized services.

If you are currently exploring opportunities to collaborate with these exceptional Chinese sportswear manufacturers, we open our doors to you in invitation. Together, let's embark on a journey to craft a future brimming with energy, creativity, and lasting growth. Reach out to us, and let's forge a new narrative of achievement.
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