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Top 5 Best leggings manufacturing factories in the world

Top 5 Best leggings manufacturing factories in the world

Apr 19,2024

Overview of the Global leggings Market

With the increasing global awareness of health, sports yoga pants legging is becoming increasingly favored as a fitness method. As an essential equipment for yoga practice, the demand for leggings is also growing. To meet the needs of different consumers, numerous leggings manufacturers have emerged in the market, standing out in the fierce market competition with various features and advantages. Below are the top five leggings manufacturers globally, which not only ensure product quality but also demonstrate outstanding strength in design innovation, environmental sustainability, customer service, and more.
 1. Eationwear
Company Overview:
Eationwear is a custom yoga and activewear manufacturer with 10 years of experience, located in China's leading supply chain hub. The company specializes in innovation and meeting personalized demands, offering full customization services from design sketches to finished products. Eationwear emphasizes the use of environmentally friendly fabrics, focuses on copyright protection, and employs a fully automated hanging production system, ensuring a monthly production capacity of up to 400,000 pieces. Additionally, the company particularly emphasizes sustainable development to reduce the impact of fast fashion on the environment.

- Sample creation within five days, with a first-round sample approval rate of 90%.
- Eight-round quality inspections using intelligent equipment for AQL 1.5 inspections.
- Provides copyright protection and enforces copyright protection agreements.
- Offers professional cutting and sewing services, as well as private label services.
- Uses environmentally friendly fabrics such as Lycra and PA66, certified by OEKO-TEX and bluesign.
- Automated production workshop with a monthly production capacity of 400,000 pieces.

Customer Base:
- Mature brands seeking customized leggings. Designers and yoga studios.
2. Tack Apparel
Company Overview:
Tack Apparel, as a leading custom clothing manufacturer in the United States, offers comprehensive customization services including design, manufacturing, and printing. The company is known for high quality and reasonable prices, supporting orders from small batches to large quantities, and providing diverse customization options. Tack Apparel focuses on simplifying brand building processes for emerging brands and corporate clients, offering a full range of manufacturing services from basic styles to complex designs.

- Provides one-stop service from fabric selection to final product.
- Cutting-edge custom embroidery programs and technologies.
- Serving various fashion brands and companies, including small batch and large batch orders.

Customer Base:
- Apparel companies and startup clothing brands.
3. Alanic Global
Company Overview:
Alanic Global is a global wholesale clothing manufacturer known for fast global shipping and low minimum order quantities. The company offers a vast product catalog including underwear, sustainable fashion, gym, and fitness apparel. Alanic Global is committed to providing high-quality, fashionable, and eco-friendly clothing while supporting personalized customization services to help clients build their brands.

- Offers a variety of fashionable fitness wholesale clothing.
- Provides custom design options to help clients stand out in the market.
- Offers minimum order quantities and amazing bulk order deals and discounts.

Customer Base:
- Bulk buyers or commercial clients.
4. SGL Sports
SGL Sports is a sports apparel manufacturer located in Dongguan, China, with a factory covering 3,500 square meters and over 200 technical workers. The company focuses on providing one-stop services for mid-to-high-end sportswear brands, including design, research and development, and production.
- Factory covers 3,500 square meters with over 200 technical workers.
- Monthly bulk capacity of 150,000 pieces.

Customer Base:
- Mid-to-high-end sports apparel brands.
5. ZCH Yoga
Company Overview:
ZCH Yoga offers custom yoga apparel manufacturing services, specializing in personalized design and production. The company emphasizes brand-centric solutions, providing a seamless supply chain experience from fashionable apparel to custom labels and packaging. ZCH Yoga emphasizes environmental awareness, offers low minimum order quantities, and helps new brands explore the market without sacrificing the earth or incurring high costs. The company maintains strict quality control, with each product undergoing 11 inspections to ensure quality.

- Provides seamless solutions from fashionable apparel to custom labels and packaging.
- Eco-friendly minimum order quantity (MOQ) policies, supporting new brand exploration in the market.
- High-standard quality control with each product undergoing 11 inspections.

Customer Base:
- Brands seeking customized clothing manufacturing solutions.
Choosing a suitable leggings manufacturer is a strategic decision for brands, involving multiple aspects such as quality, cost, innovation, and sustainability. As the market continues to evolve, consumer expectations for leggings are also increasing. Manufacturers must innovate continuously to meet these expectations while maintaining respect for the environment and commitment to social responsibility. For consumers, this means there will be more high-quality choices in the future, as well as more personalized and eco-friendly products. With the strengthening of health and environmental awareness, we have reason to believe that these manufacturers will continue to play important roles in the global leggings market.

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