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Top 5 custom private label clothing manufacturers

Top 5 custom private label clothing manufacturers

Jul 2,2024
In today's fast-changing fashion world, Private Label Clothing Manufacturers play a vital role. They are not only producers, but also shapers of brand personality and market positioning. With the growing consumer demand for unique designs and high-quality products, private label apparel manufacturers help brands stand out in a highly competitive market by offering customized solutions. This article will reveal the five leading private label apparel manufacturers in the industry, which have won the trust and love of customers around the world with their manufacturing excellence, innovative design capabilities and flexible production strategies.

Eationwear Company profile

Eationwear is a company focused on casual and sportswear manufacturing, offering highly customized solutions to meet the individual needs of brands, designers and sportswear studios. The company encourages innovation and works closely with customers to create unique sportswear. Eationwear has two production sites with a total area of 20,000 square meters and a fully automated suspension production system. The strongest comprehensive strength.

Eationwear benefits

As a private label clothing manufacturer, Eationwear has a number of significant advantages that make it stand out from the fierce competition in the market:
- High-end manufacturing capabilities: Eationwear has two production sites of 20,000 square meters, equipped with fully automatic suspension production systems, which significantly improve production efficiency and product quality.

- Rapid sample production: The company is able to create high-quality samples in as little as 5 days, significantly shortening the product design to market cycle.

- High design accuracy: Eationwear's first round sample approval rate is as high as 90%, accurately restoring design sketches and ensuring that design intent is perfectly reflected.

- Strict quality control: eight rounds of quality inspection through intelligent equipment, in accordance with AQL 1.5 standards, to ensure the high standard and consistency of each product.

- Copyright Protection Commitment: Enforce the copyright protection agreement to ensure that the customer's design copyright is fully protected.

- Innovation and sustainability: Eationwear encourages innovation, offers eco-friendly fabric options and promotes sustainability by reducing fast fashion and increasing product durability.

- Optimized working environment: Recognizing that employees are the company's most valuable asset, intelligent systems reduce physical labor, create a safer and more comfortable working environment, and improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

- Customized services: Provide highly customized solutions to meet the individual needs of brands, designers and sportswear studios.
- Professional cutting and sewing: With comprehensive clothing production expertise, we provide first-class cutting and sewing manufacturing services, which can accurately reproduce the design, no matter how complex the customer's customized needs.

- Fabric and process selection: More than 200 fabrics are available, including eco-friendly fabrics, as well as 20 different production processes such as screen printing, digital printing, tie-dye, bronzing, embroidery, etc.

- Strong manufacturing capacity: The entire production process is automated, including fabric inspection, washing, cutting, printing and packaging, with a monthly production capacity of 400,000 pieces.

- Global Customer Trust: Eationwear has earned the trust of more than 1,200 customers to provide 7-day fast sample service to help customers improve the competitiveness of their products in the market.

Eationwear main products

- Private label sportswear
- Private label yoga wear
- Private label casual wear
- Private label hoodie
- Private label jacket
- Private label T-shirt
- Private label shorts

Minimum order quantity of Eationwear

100 pieces per design
Apliiq Company profile

Apliiq is a private label clothing company focused on helping brands enhance their brand image and market competitiveness through custom clothing labels. Apliiq offers a wide range of private label clothing products from hats, jackets, sweatpants to hoodies.

Apliiq advantages

- Brand exclusive: Display the brand logo on the label to provide personalized private clothing labels.

- High quality labels: Use soft satin labels to ensure a superior sense of clothing labels.

Compliance: Comply with U.S. labeling regulations and ensure that all custom private label products comply with federal regulations.

- No minimum order quantity: No minimum order quantity is required for private label clothing.
- Cost effectiveness: The more volume orders, the more cost savings.
- Global Direct shipping: handles all shipping for private label clothing brands to more than 100 countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Apliiq main products

- Private label hoodie
- Private label jacket
- Private label sweatpants
- Private label hat

Apliiq MOQ

- 10 private label products:

CheerSagar Company profile

CheerSagar is a company that provides world-class clothing manufacturing services with top mechanical equipment. The company specializes in providing clothing and apparel for children, women and men, and is composed of a team of professional textile experts who are able to translate the needs of customers into hot products in the market.

CheerSagar advantage

- Striving for excellence: Creating innovative and stunning clothing that provides unique recognition for customers.
- Professional team: family-owned company with more than 20 years of experience in garment manufacturing.
- Relationship building: Valuing partnerships with private label brands.
- Extensive knowledge and expertise: a leading position in the Indian apparel market.
- Perfect delivery: From the top to the bottom, all employees are committed to providing high quality products first.
- Always available: Provides a peaceful clothing manufacturing experience to help private label brands meet market needs.
- Highly competitive prices: Ensure that competitive prices are offered without sacrificing quality.
- Latest design: keep up with market trends and offer attractive design solutions.

CheerSagar sells products

- Private label women's wear
- Private label children's clothing
- Private label menswear

Seam Apparel Company profile

Seam Apparel is a private label apparel manufacturing service company focused on providing customers with complete manufacturing process control from fabric selection to branding.

Seam Apparel Benefits

- Exclusive service: Provide exclusive private label service to ensure the uniqueness of the product.
- High quality assurance: Cooperate with small garment enterprises to provide limited high-quality products.
- Streamline processes: Enable clothing brands to quickly access a variety of manufacturing methods without high costs.
- Customer expectation orientation: Provide services according to the customer's vision and clothing needs.

Seam Apparel is the main product

- Private woven label
- Private satin label
- Private tag
- Heat transfer label

Alanic Global is one of the top private label apparel manufacturers in the United States, offering the best quality in the industry. The company focuses on the manufacturing of clothing that realizes the unique vision of customers by customizing brand names, logos and designs according to their needs.

Alanic Global Benefits

- Customized Services: Provide fully customized services, including brand name, logo and design.
- Fast market response: Choose from a huge product catalog, deliver quickly, and reduce the time to design and manufacture yourself.
- Economy: Skip expensive sample development and go straight to industry-certified fabrics and materials.
- Save time and effort: Work with a team of creative professionals to choose designs that match current international styles.
Ethical production: Follow green business practices and ethical production processes to ensure healthy working conditions and fair wages for workers.
- Low MOQ: Allows customers to test market reaction and reduce initial investment risk.
Alanic Global Products
- Private Label clothing: Offers a variety of styles and seasons, from fitness wear for men and women, to summer T-shirts to winter coats.
- Custom label options:
- Custom screen printed labels
- Custom heat transfer label
- Custom woven labels

Alanic Global MOQ

The document mentions Low MOQ, but does not provide a specific MOQ.

With an in-depth understanding of these top manufacturers, we can see that the future of private label clothing manufacturing is bright. These manufacturers not only provide high quality products, but also drive the development of the entire industry through continuous innovation and customer customized services. Choosing the right partner is crucial for the brand, which not only affects the quality of the product, but also affects the competitiveness and reputation of the brand in the market. If you need customized products, please contact them.

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