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Top 10 custom activewear manufacturer

Top 10 custom activewear manufacturer

Jun 14,2024
In today's dynamic sports and fitness era, high-quality sportswear is not only the athletes' uniforms, but also the essential equipment for every fitness enthusiast. Not only do they need to provide unmatched comfort and freedom to accommodate a variety of intense workouts, but they also need to be stylish and functional, revealing the wearer's personality and taste. Today, we take you inside the world of the world's top 10 sportswear manufacturers and discover how they combine innovative technology with craftsmanship to create trend-setting sportswear.
Eationwear is a China-based manufacturer of sustainable custom men's and women's sportswear certified to several international standards including ISO 9001 and BSCI-B. The company focuses on providing high quality clothing and fabrics, whether OEM or ODM, to meet customer needs. Committed to promoting the sustainable development of the industry and providing excellent manufacturing services. The overall strength and scale of the strongest
- Advantages:
- Sustainability: Focus on environmental protection, use of renewable and environmentally friendly materials and comply with sustainable manufacturing standards.
- High quality manufacturing: with the latest production equipment and professional team.
- Custom services: Provide custom fabric, design, sewing, logo, color and size services.
- Production capacity: It has production bases in Guangdong and Guangxi, with a total area of 20,000 square meters, which can accommodate 30 production lines and a monthly production capacity of 400,000 pieces.
Intelligent production: The intelligent suspension system significantly reduces the waiting and idle time in production, reducing the overall production to delivery cycle by 30%.
- Fabric selection: Provide environmentally friendly fabric options, with more than 200 choices, including Lycra, PA66, etc., and provide OEKO-TEX, bluesign and other fabric certification.
Multiple rounds of quality inspection: Eight rounds of quality inspection are carried out with intelligent devices, and AQL 1.5 standards are implemented.
-Copyright protection: Enforce copyright protection agreements to ensure design copyright.
-Customer Trust: Gain the trust of 1200+ customers and provide free sample service, especially for customers with more than       50,000 followers.
-Eationwear's main products: customized men's and women's athletic wear, fitness wear, including sports bras, leggings, sports T-shirts, sweatshirts, sports vests, blazers and tennis skirts
- Company Profile: Activewear Manufacturer is a professional manufacturer of custom fitness apparel, offering sportswear that combines fashion with practicality. The company has offices around the world, including Dubai, Queensland, Los Angeles, Connecticut and London.
- Advantages:
- Diversified products: provide men's and women's yoga clothing, fitness clothing, etc., focusing on comfort and durability.
- Customization options: Offers unique customization options and high quality fitness clothing, using organic materials.
- Minimum Order Quantity: Provide the lowest minimum order quantity (MOQ).
- Secure payment: 100% secure payment guarantee.
- Premium value: Providing quality products with high value.
- Environmentally friendly: Use recycled materials to make environmentally friendly fitness clothing.
Bali Swim offers the easiest way to start your own line of sustainable sportswear. The company offers off-the-shelf design options using genuine recycled nylon and polyester ECONYL® fabrics that can greatly strengthen the brand's presence in the environmental market.
- Advantages:
- Custom design: Provide custom design to meet the diverse needs of different customers.
- Rapid product development: short and long-term product development cycles in line with trends to ensure timely entry to market.
Environmentally friendly manufacturing: Operate the most environmentally friendly, solar-powered plants using recycled fabrics such as Carvico, ECONYL® and REPREVE®.
Support entrepreneurs: Simplify the transition from concept to market by offering a comprehensive start kit, a selection of off-the-shelf design collections, tailored guidance and efficient e-commerce services.
- Social Contribution: For every casual suit made, the company donates 10 cents to clean up the ocean and support business education for local women.
BOMME STUDIO is a Us-Based company focused on helping entrepreneurs launch their sportswear brands. The company has an experienced team of professionals who understand the garment manufacturing process and can assist customers in simplifying the production process.
- Advantages:
- Provide customized sportswear production services.
- Partnering with the most reliable sportswear manufacturer in the United States.
- Capable of meeting production needs from small batch to large batch.
- Emphasis on manufacturing in the United States to ensure product quality.

- Activewear Bali is a pioneer and leader in sustainable sportswear and yoga wear manufacturing in Bali. The company has built an industry reputation for high quality, low prices, fast turnaround and professional advice, providing manufacturing services to more than 200 independent brands worldwide.
- Advantages:
- High quality recycled fabrics produced in Korea, the United States and Italy.
- Offers two trend, ready-made series of the year.
- Tax free facilities for customers to save costs.
- A starter pack with fabric samples, color cards and custom branded accessories is available.
- Fast sample production cycle, minimum 7 days.
- Emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability, using recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles to make fabrics.
Lefty Production Co. is a Los Angeles-based professional athleisure apparel manufacturer specializing in the development and production of sportswear, casual wear, sportswear and athleisure wear. The company uses the latest machinery and technology to ensure that its products are competitive in the market.
- Advantages:
- Located in Los Angeles, keep up with casual fashion trends.
- Provide one-stop service, including the production of various sportswear and leisure wear.
- With many years of experience in sportswear manufacturing, able to realize the creative vision of customers.
- Provides flexibility, allowing customers to choose customized products according to style.
- Emphasis on quality control and service quality to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.
Ro & Ritzy is a leading sportswear manufacturer in the UK specialising in bespoke sportswear and fitness wear. The company offers recyclable polyester, organic cotton and sustainable finished product processing.
- Advantages:
- Offer high quality bespoke clothing including sportswear, casual sportswear, activewear and yoga wear.
- Extensive experience in women's and men's clothing manufacturing in collaboration with industry leading brands.
- Known in the market as sportswear manufacturer UK, custom designed sportswear/sportswear manufacturer, etc.
- Custom sportswear and fitness wear, including leggings, jackets, sports bras, hoodies, etc.
- Emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection, using environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Active Wear Productions is a leading global manufacturer of custom sportswear with modern facilities located in Fujian, China and Phong Dien, Vietnam.
- Advantages:
- We have a first-class showroom in China and Europe, offering more than 350 ready-made samples.
- The factory uses the latest technology and fabrics to set industry standards.
- Provide comprehensive services, including the development of perfectly fit models, attention to detail, and joint development of quality products with customers.
- A wide range of products including running, fitness, yoga, tennis, outdoor, surfing and swimming, recreational sports and team sports equipment.
- Emphasis on sustainability with eco-friendly fabric options.
ARGYLE Haus of Apparel is a Los Angeles-based premier sportswear manufacturer focused on delivering best-in-class sportswear to established brands and emerging businesses.
- Advantages:
- Provide a full range of services from product design and development to prototyping.
- Mass production using advanced production techniques and high-quality materials.
- Help clients create and implement unique brands, including custom labels, packaging and tags.
- Assist customers in finding the best materials and components.
- Quality control at every stage of production to ensure products meet high standards before delivery.
- Offer a relatively low minimum order quantity (MOQs) of 300 pieces per model.
- Emphasize made in the USA and provide quality products.
LA Society is a one-stop fashion destination focused on providing high-quality women's clothing at affordable prices.
Offer sportswear made from exquisite fabrics and top materials, combining advanced technology and exceptional craftsmanship.
- High quality materials: The use of fine fabrics and first-class materials to ensure comfort, color fastness and durability of the garment.
- Exquisite workmanship: Products are praised for their impeccable cut and proportion.
- Combination of fashion and function: the products provided not only have excellent style, but also pay great attention to the comfort of wearing, which is the best choice for fitness enthusiasts.
- Product range: including wholesale yoga pants, fashion sports shorts, advanced gray fitness hoodies, etc.
Sustainability commitment: A commitment to sustainable production that puts sustainability at the heart of the company's mission, using environmentally friendly materials and low-impact dyes to reduce water consumption.

We believe that by working hand in hand with these manufacturers, both emerging brands and established enterprises can stand out in the fierce market competition and meet and exceed consumer expectations. Eationwear has the strongest comprehensive capability among these ten suppliers. Now, let's take the first step of cooperation together to open a new chapter in sportswear manufacturing and bring more high-quality choices to sports lovers around the world.

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