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Top 5 Custom Yoga Sports Bra Manufacturers Factory

Top 5 Custom Yoga Sports Bra Manufacturers Factory

Jul 8,2024
In today's increasingly health-conscious society, sports bras have become an indispensable piece of equipment for female athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Not only do they provide the necessary support and comfort, they also become a symbol of style and function. With the increasing number of sports bra brands and suppliers in the market, choosing a reliable supplier becomes crucial. Here we reveal the top five sports bra suppliers that have set the standard in the industry through superior quality, innovative design, and a deep understanding of customer needs.

Eationwear Company profile

Eationwear is a manufacturer specializing in custom sportswear and has accumulated 10 years of industry experience since 2014. Together with long-standing fabric suppliers, the company adheres to strict quality system certification, provides environmentally friendly materials and production methods, and actively participates in social and environmental improvement programs to meet the sustainability needs of its customers.

Eationwear benefits

- Extensive experience: 10 years of custom sportswear experience, ensuring high quality and professional service.
- Environmental and social responsibility: use of environmentally friendly materials and participate in social and environmental improvement projects.
- Innovative technology: Constantly pursuing innovation in the field of yoga wear, introducing the latest technology and equipment.
- Customization Services: Provide a full range of services from fabric selection to design customization.
- Efficient production: with advanced clothing production equipment, such as automatic suspension production system and computer automatic cutting machine.

Eationwear main products

- Yoga Sets
- Sports Bras
- Bonded Sports Bras
- Leggings
- Hoodie (Hoodie)
- Tank Top
- T-Shirts (T-shirts)
- Jackets
- Shorts

Minimum order quantity of Eationwear

- Minimum order quantity is 100 pieces per design/color, available in various sizes.

Eationwear custom service

Eationwear offers the following customized services:

- Fabric selection: High quality stretch fabrics such as polyester, spandex and nylon are available.

- Collar shape and neckline: Custom neckline styles, such as crew or V-necks, as well as the width, depth and design of the neckline.

- Seam edges: Choose between single or double stitch edges to get the desired look.

- Labels and prints: Add brand labels, custom prints or logos to show the brand image.

- Color and decor: Choose colors that match the brand's style and practice environment and enhance the look with print, embroidery or decorative elements.

- Sizing and grading: Multiple sizing and grading options are available to ensure different body types and needs.

Eationwear production equipment

Eationwear has the following industry-leading clothing production facilities:

- Garment suspension production system: automated equipment and quality control measures ensure efficient production and timely delivery.
- Computer automatic cutting machine: accurately cut fabrics, optimize material use, improve production efficiency and quality.
- Four needle and six thread machine: Japanese sewing machine known for its durability and accuracy, creating strong, flexible seams for high-performance garments.
- Fabric inspection machine: Quickly detect textile defects, such as stains and holes, to maintain product consistency and reliability.
- Needle inspection machine: detect metal foreign bodies in clothing to ensure quality.
- bartack machine: usually used to reinforce the stitches and make the stitches more firm.
company profile

ZCH Yoga is a professional sports bra manufacturer focused on providing customized sports bra manufacturing services. The company is proud of its excellent production capacity, with seamless production lines and four-needle six-line production lines, with a monthly production capacity of up to 400,000 pieces, and a delivery cycle starting from 30 days.


- Mass production capacity: no thread production line can produce 300,000 pieces per month, four needles and six lines production line can produce 100,000 pieces per month.
- Technical fabrics: Selected technical fabrics with moisture wicking and breathable properties provide comfort and support for athletes.
- Quality Control: A rigorous quality inspection process ensures that each bra meets high standards for durability, compressibility and support.
- Customization Services: Provide custom design services from scratch, as well as quick market testing options for off-the-shelf designs.
- Fast sample production: The sample production cycle of existing fabrics is only 10 days.
ZCH Yoga main products
- Sports bra: A variety of styles and sizes ensure a customized fit and comfort.

Minimum order quantity 

- Sample: no minimum order quantity.
- Traditional style: MOQ is 100 pieces/style/color, color mix/size.
- Seamless style: MOQ is 500 pieces/style/color, color mix/size.
- Off-the-shelf design: there is no minimum order quantity, it is recommended to order at least 50 pieces due to transportation costs.

Company profile

Yokeey is a leading sports bra manufacturer focused on providing superior and comfortable support for a variety of body types and physical activities such as jogging and weightlifting.


- Professional manufacturing: Breathable and moisture wicking fabrics are used to ensure that the wearer stays dry and cool.
- Durability: A four-needle, six-thread sewing machine provides long life and flat stitches, reducing friction.
- Versatility: The product has the characteristics of moisture absorption and perspiration, antibacterial, fast drying, breathable, high elasticity, soft and so on.
- Customization Services: A full range of customization options, with a minimum order size as low as 100 pieces.
- Professional team: a responsive design and sales team that handles orders.
- Quality service: Dedicated to providing thoughtful service from consultation to final delivery.

specializes in products

- Sports bra: Designed for various sports, fitness, yoga and physical activity markets with a variety of market characteristics.
Yokeey minimum order quantity
- MOQ: 100 pieces with full customization options.

Company profile

Fitness Apparel Manufacturer is a professional sportswear manufacturer that provides a variety of fitness and sports-related apparel. The company is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, USA, with an office in Sydney, Australia, and a global presence.


- High quality materials: Sports bras are made from high-quality fabrics and carefully selected raw materials to ensure comfort and durability.
- Customized services: Provide highly customized services to meet the needs of different athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
- Diversified products: The extensive product line includes different types and strengths of sports bras suitable for a variety of sports and daily activities.
- Global business: Global business, international vision and market experience.
- Customer Service: Provide efficient and seamless customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.
Main product
- Sports bras: including hooded bras, strapless bras, tank top sports bras, etc., available in a variety of colors, cuts, styles, fits and designs.
- Fitness wear: covers clothing needed for various fitness and sports occasions, such as leggings, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.

Minimum order quantity

- "300-500", "500-1000", "1000-5000" and "5000+",
Contact information
Seam Apparel Company profile
Seam Apparel is a haute couture bra manufacturer known for its superior material development, flexibility, control and comfort. The company is committed to helping new businesses build their brand and realize their ideal clothing line. Seam Apparel has a team of professional designers and skilled workers who seek to create beautiful bras that meet both customer needs and design specifications.

Seam Apparel Benefits

- Customized services: Bras are made according to customers' designs and ideas to meet customers' specifications and wishes.
- Material innovation: effectively dealing with the combination of color, elasticity, lace and other materials in the manufacturing process.
- Technical expertise: Understand every technical aspect of the bra to ensure that each product is smooth and comfortable during the manufacturing process.
- Full customization: Unlimited customization possibilities, including fabric selection, design and production solutions.
- Quality control: Provide samples, as well as continuous reports on processes and quality checks throughout the production process.
- Sports Bra expertise: Have rich experience in sports bra production to meet the needs of different scale manufacturing.

Seam Apparel is the main product

- Customized bras: including different styles of bras, such as strapless bras, etc.
- Sports bra: A premium sports bra designed for running, fitness, yoga and other activities.

With an in-depth understanding of these top sports bra suppliers, we can see that they have demonstrated exceptional strength and commitment, whether in the choice of materials, innovation in design, or professionalism in customer service. Choosing the right supplier not only ensures the quality and diversity of the product, but also helps the brand establish a unique market position.

As the women's sportswear market continues to expand, these suppliers will continue to drive the development of the industry with their professionalism and innovative spirit to meet consumer demand for high-performance and stylish sportswear equipment. We look forward to seeing how they further innovate their products in the future to enhance the experience for female athletes and fitness enthusiasts."

Ultimately, the five largest sports bra suppliers share a common goal of supporting and inspiring women around the world to pursue healthier, more active lifestyles by providing high-quality products and exceptional service. Let's look forward to the next chapter they will create in the field of fitness apparel.

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